We have gained an understanding of the wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that serve all or parts of Puslinch Township, and we’ve included that information below. You should also be aware that:

  1. There are small pockets of internet fibre service in Puslinch, most significantly in the Aberfoyle area. There are also small pockets that can be connected through Bell copper lines (DSL). If you’re unsure about whether your residence or business is able to be connected by fibre or DSL, we suggest you contact Bell and Rogers for more information. 
  2. While fibre-based internet connectivity is acknowledged as offering the highest bandwidth options, it’s highly unlikely that new fibre will be run in Puslinch in the near term. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, wireless options are the only options available to residences and business throughout the majority of the Township.
  3. Just because you’re close to a wireless line of site tower, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to connect to that tower, or that you’ll receive satisfactory service from that tower. Sometimes the tower will be over-subscribed, and sometimes the signal from the tower won’t be oriented in the direction of your location. In addition, a tower’s signal may not be accessible at your location because the tower is not in the line of site from your location. Sometimes line of site can be achieved with the installation of a tower to receive a signal, at your location.

Wireless (not fibre or DSL) internet offerings in the area of Puslinch Township:

Provider Geographical Focus Contact
Bell Within Cell Phone reception of one of their towers.
Eh!tel Line of Site tower located in the northwest portion of the Township
Megawire Line of site Tower located in the northwest part of the Township
NetAccess Line of Site tower located in the north eastern part of the Township
Rogers Within Cell Phone reception of one of their towers.
Standard Broadband Line of Site tower located in the central and eastern part of the Township.
Xplornet Within line of sight of one of their towers. Several towers throughout and around the Township. Satellite Internet Service also available.

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